Frequently Asked Questions

1. I downloaded JustAddAudio, what do I do now?

1. Choose a photo or video saved to your Camera Roll -- you can also film a brand new video!
2. Select a mood that fits your story.
3. Preview and Download a music track.
4. Preview & Share your finished story on social media or save it to your Camera Roll.

Why can't I save my story to my Camera Roll?

You might not have any additional space on your phone! We recommend checking your device in iTunes to see where you can free up space.

Can I include multiple videos?

Currently, you can only use one video. However, you can use a previously edited video that is saved to your Camera Roll.

Where can I share my story?

We have built in options to share to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email. You can also save the video to your Camera Roll and share wherever you like!

I love this song, where can I download it?

All our music is provided by AudioBlocks.com.

I'm having technical issues with JustAddAudio, what do I do?

Send an email to:

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